Never lose track of a Facebook lead AGAIN

Our CRM integrates directly into your Facebook account so you can organize your leads and convert them to customers.

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What we Offer

Our CRM is designed by experts to help you stay organized and generate revenue by managing your leads

Add Labels to your Leads

Stay organized by categorizing your leads. You're putting in the work to connect, now make sure you can stay organized so you can convert.

Save Template responses

No more copy/pasting your messages! Save your most used responses right in the quick chat for a fast reply.

Automate your Follow Up Process

Send broadcast messages with the click of a button. Your messages will continue to send in the background while you work on income generating activities.

About us

Your Path to Passive Income

Our CRM software is designed by experts who have years of experience and proven results in the marketing industry.

You are putting in the work to generate leads.

Don't throw it all away.

This tool will help you to stay organized by categorizing contacts with labels, saving template responses, automating your follow-up messaging, and much more.

Avoid the mistake of losing track of your leads, and start converting them instead to revenue generating clients.
Whether you are a beginner or advanced, if you are generating leads on Facebook, BluLink CRM will help you optimize your performance and scale your business. Get started to take your skills and income to the next level. 

Save your marketing dollars with BluLink

Effective Facebook ads require AT LEAST $50 dollars a day. You could be saving hundreds of dollars each month by using BluLink.

What our Customer are Saying

BluLink CRM is used by professionals and entrepreneurs to decrease their stress and increase revenue by implementing our tool. See for yourself!

"The developers really knocked this one out of the park! Awesome UX/UI, easy to use and organizes your Facebook Messenger into a true CRM and sales pipeline. Custom labels, canned responses, follow-up notifications & more!"

Derek Johnson

"I use messenger a lot for networking with my clients and it can be challenging keeping up notes from conversations and keeping track of who I have spoken to. [BluLink CRM] is saving me so much time already not to mention being able to change the tags as they move through certain parts of my sales process is huge."

Justin Muir

"This is Really a GAME CHANGER... I've been BEGGING for someone to Create an Amazing tooI just like this.. Finally Someone Listened!! Canned Messages and appointment setting, reminders, and notes.. wow.. i' speechless and a customer for LIFE!!"

Mikey Amadeus

"This is the most efficient CRM! I love that I can color code my messages and know exactly who I am talking to without having to scroll through days of past messages, all that information is right there with this CRM! A must have for anyone doing business online"

Michelle Festag

"I've been wanting a tool that allows me to help keep track of all of my conversations inside FB messenger. Finally, there's a tool that can do it! This is fantastic. It helps me organize and keep track of everything in one place! I'd give it 100 stars if i could!"

David McClain

"Finally! someone has created a game changing Chrome extension, notes, reminders, appointment setting and not to mention my favorite canned responses, massive time saver! Keep track of all your conversations, A must if you network or do any sort of marketing on FB messenger."

Bill Smith

"This is going to change the game. The developers absolutely crushed the capabilities of this tool. Looking forward to the growth of the product"

Mike Speer

"Want to put your Facebook Marketing on STEROIDS and build a HUGE Sales Pipeline? BluLink CRM is a MUST HAVE ... no more trying to find messages, color code your Sales Pipeline so you know at a glance where someone is at in the sales process. Each person can be tagged and put into a label (color coded)such as Hot Lead, Prospect, Demo, Client, Follow up etc. Schedule reminders right inside messenger! I highly recommend!"

Renee Shannon

"This is the best messenger CRM I have used so far. Before I had this extension on my chrome I was just wasting my time with all my leads to find out whom did I talk to, whom do I have to follow up with etc. But now this extension just made everything easier for me to track. I just love it."

Aunkita Nandi

"Amazing CRM software and best one I have used so far. Way more features and upgrades than any competitor out there. Finally someone figured out exactly what the marketplace needed. Love Love Love it!"

Robert Charles

"Wow! What can I say about BluLink CRM. I have been using it for a little over a week and I absolutely love it. It has everything that you need to manage your Facebook conversations and leads and then some extra. My favorite things about the software is that it is easy to understand the flow, it is very user friendly, it has the capability to create both global and local templates, I love the broadcast feature, the software support is great. This software is a must have, you will not regret it."

Yolanda Dean

"I would give this 10 STARS if possible. Not only does this app work exactly as advertised, it changed my follow up with messenger contacts immediately - its easy to use - the support is absolutely second to none! Bravo! Definitely worth it."

Greg Viner

"One of the best investments I've ever made in my FB organic marketing. Its a no brainer tool for anyone who would like to take control of their conversations on FB and take their Organic Marketing to the next level. No other tool comes close of what the developer have created and what they have in the upcoming updates. Most important is it's look and feel are very professional software grade even though its a chrome extension. It is helping me get better control of my messenger conversations.. Thank you :)"

Alok Gandhi

"I've been doing battle with messenger, trying to keep respondents sorted so that people didn't fall through the cracks. You probably know what I'm talking about if you've ever spent time looking through messenger for the elusive message that you know is the but just cannot find it before you speak with the prospect. To be able to categorize people and sort quickly is a god send. Thanks for a great time saving tool; not to mention the reduction in stress levels."

Doug Terry

"I always thought Facebook Messenger on its own was a bit clunky, difficult to manage and you can get so lost with the number of connections you have. Not so with BluLink CRM. This Chrome extension is a MUST HAVE if you engage in Facebook messaging. I love that you can leave notes against the person you are messaging. It's a great tool to track where you are with your messages, can colour code groups of people, and has such a great search facility. If you do organic marketing on Facebook, then you need to get this extension."

Stuart Fung

"Wow. FINALLY I can manage my inbox... This extension is an absolute must! I was spending SO much time in messenger.. The whole inbox was an absolute mess...I kept forgetting to follow up people ..I felt I was writing the same stuff over and over again. I had to scroll up and see what we had spoken about... I was introduced to BluLink CRM... .I'm the kind of person who has to check that I am buying the best. There was only a couple of alternatives. However BluLink CRM was the best price, has just come out and the support is amazing! They are still bringing out new features. My inbox now is really organized! its like taking people tough a sales pipeline .. I have all my information in a template and one click they have a presentation and can make appts and write notes on each person saves m checking I thoroughly recommend. saves me writing the same repetitive words out and scrolling up or forgetting who they are! Seriously its easy to install and there is full training ,I'm not going back to what it was like before! Its easy ,safe and actually quite fun (seeing the professional replies go out so quick! Try it! Nothing to lose, its a free trial! "

Sarah Ashwell

"WOW! This software has saved me so much time and frustration. For months I have been trying to keep track of conversations in messenger, but failed miserably. Many people who were potential prospects, were lost in the feed and I forgot who was who. Now, with this software, I was able to follow up with 25 prospects in 5 min! I was able to find Insurance agents I was talking to with just the search. So much easier! What a time saver as well. PLUS...knowing that tech support is available and backed by a full team, priceless!!! Thank you so much for this amazing software!"

Melissa Martini

"This extension is one of the BEST extensions and software that I currently use. The ability to have an organized database to segment and systemize anyone in my customer journey is KEY, and this software does that and than some! Its not clunky or bloated. Clean interface. Plus they have new features coming out at the rapid rate! Which is awesome. If you use Facebook to generate revenue for your business (Especially Organically) than NOT using BlulinkCRM is like shooting yourself in the foot... then shooting the other one lol."

Conrad Marcayda

"This tool is incredible! I was looking at ChatSilo, Pepper, etc, and when I saw that this could so all of what they do (FOR LESS) I was excited. Plus, the automation options are incredible! With Integromat (you could also use Zapier), I can fire off webhooks and update several things like Google Sheets to track my KPI's, HighLevel (my CRM) with pipeline stage updates so that I can share my pipeline with the team. The customer support is second to none. I was able to get my questions answered quickly and easily. Not only that... they listen to suggestions and actually implement changes that make sense. What a phenomenal tool!"

Ryan Williams

"I absolutely fell in love at first sight with this software and continue to use it multiple times per day, every single day. Probably the single most impactful SaaS investment that I have made. For the first time ever, I am actually able to organize all my leads of all my different pipeline and no longer lose contacts or let valuable opportunities slip by! I can easily schedule follow ups and I no longer need to pull my hair out trying to comb through messages over 2 days old! Anyone who is using messenger for business should stop wasting time and check this app out immediately to see if it fits into their business process."

Roman Groysman

"O wow, wow wow!! I don't always see this! I was managing my extension tools for reaching out to people on Facebook and part of the process involved moving all my extensions to a dedicated Google Account to leave my usual account free of interruptions and notifications while I work and leave the extension to do their work. Here is the thing, when I installed BluLink CRM on a new Google Chrome profile all my Labels and connections in Facebook came across in the new install. Great piece of software"

Hilton Mark Davidow

"Awesome way to take control of your messages and lead generation"

Vince Cicone

"Great tool - easy to use and helps me to keep track of messages with leads in messenger"

Newton Zheng

"This has changed my life!"

Misty Dowling

"Just wanted to say that blulink is a game changer, not only is my contact with people up 2-300% now I am starting to get to grips with it and the global templates I am able to have several conversations at once, and can take people exactly where I want them and have my first zoom call booked after speaking with someone today, and straight to him asking for video call in just 7 messages :D "

David LaBorde

"This software has blown me away. The fact that this was built to work within Facebook Messenger is just awesome! Now it's so easy to track the conversations I'm having and to keep track of important details so much easier now. Good job on the developers on this one!"

David Anderson

"Extremely happy product and this company. They are making products that are exactly what we need. The owner responds very quickly with great help and instructions that anyone can understand. Highly recommend this product."

Barry Borrilez

"Thanks for creating this software. I have just started with it and I can really see the value of being able to keep my messenger massages sorted. I hate having to scroll around trying to find messages. This tool is a huge time saver and will really help me grow my business "

Deborah Donaldson

"A great tool for keeping track of all the conversations and interactions that I have using facebook messenger. Finally I have found a way to keep track of all my Facebook messenger activity. I make sales without having to use paid ads. I get more leads and make more sales with this tool. Fantastic !!!"

Mark Niessner

"This is one of the most used Software in my list of software that I use everyday. I created a spreadsheet and had to list people I worked with and sold to and it helped me but it was a lot of work. Now I use BluLink and it saves me more time and I am able to connect with people faster and much easier. This is a definite software for every business."

Joe Kuskie

"You have made some serious game changing tools in this online entrepreneur space! No matter the niche!!"


"I have been using BluLink for 6 months and have done well with it hitting over 200k in new transactions using your software"


Frequently Asked Questions

What is BluLink CRM? 

BluLink CRM is a chrome extension that integrates a CRM directly into your Facebook account. This CRM will not only help you stay organized and manage your leads, but also avoid any manual shuffling back and forth between programs. It is all in one, easy to access, place!

Why should I get BluLink CRM? 

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur that generates your leads on Facebook, this is the perfect tool for you. Facebook is essentially a FREE lead generation source for your business. No more costly Facebook ads, no more pay-per-click. Use the free recourse you have in front of you, and maximize those efforts with BluLink.

How much does BluLink CRM cost?

BluLink CRM is a subscription that will renew monthly on the day you purchased. There are no sign-up fees, no price increases, and no commitments. You can cancel or PAUSE your subscription at any time.

What if I have questions with using BluLink?

As with any new software, there is always a learning curve. However, we are confident you will be able to use the main features within the first hour of use! BluLink is designed to be extremely user friendly without many bells and whistles that can quickly become overwhelming. In addition, we have short and simple training videos that will go through all the features. If you still find yourself stuck, you can always send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

What if I have problems with using BluLink?

As BluLink CRM is directly integrated into your Facebook account, our team is constantly making changes and updates to match Facebooks changes and updates. If you have any problems, you can always report them to [email protected] (but chances are, we are already working on them ;) ). On average, we are able to get an update coded and approved within 72 hours.

*2k is based on customer feedback on average monthly ad spend saved by switching to BluLink CRM from other marketing tools and services

BluLink CRM is designed by experts who have years of experience and proven results in the marketing industry.

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